To get women to make their mark on the technology they already consume we need to entice them to embrace technology, not only in gaming, or daily tasks but as a potential career.


Exposure, exposure, exposure.

The entertainment industry can impact a large audience through movies and TV shows that build a connection to these young girls and women. Increasingly, superhero movies incorporate female heroes and empower them to save the world. The timing is right to bring strong female characters to the screen in other genres and mess with stereotypes.

My stories look at the world through a more modern geek’s eye. They have strong female tech savvy characters, that defy stereotypes and find their inner ninjas to conquer not only the external forces against them but their ‘innerer Schweinehund’ (

Not superheroes, or stereotyped nerds, but everyday heroes, vulnerable, intriguing, and powerfully feminine. Characters in uncomfortable situations that make them grow and save their world. Change that world from the geek wanting the girl to the geek being the girl.

Characters that inspire young girls and make them excited by the prospect of a career in science, technology, engineering and math.

This is my writer’s intention.